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rachel holland
Thursday 24th – Friday 25th August 2006

A new residential course for YOUNG ADULTS to be held over two days at Bradfield School, Reading.
Please call us on 01722 324593 or complete the enquiry form if you would like more details on this course.

Press Release:

Bath University 2006
Voted by the students

At Rachel Holland Associates we are passionate about teaching Modern Manners, Social Skills and Personal Presentation in schools and universities. We believe ‘life skills’ to be as important as good exam grades. By developing their confidence and self assurance, young adults will be better equipped to go out and face the world head on!

RHA courses are unique in bringing the positive points from ‘Finishing’ Schools into an educational setting.

Teaching social skills and building confidence in a fun, safe and practical environment where pupil participation is actively encouraged, helps students to overcome those awkward feelings progressing from the teenage to the adult world. We give them the tools to project a positive image in a university or job interview, a network-friendly social engagement or any situation where appearing and feeling at ease would be an advantage. We draw on those seemingly old-fashioned social skills such as conversation, courtesy, dress, personal presentation and table manners that were once taken for granted and never go out of date.

It's a real skill to be able to walk in to an interview with your shoulders back, your head up, smile and look approachable. Everyone wants to curl up into a ball, but you have to project a positive image
Rachel Holland

“We were delighted with the course and would recommend it to any school that takes seriously the idea of making the most of their pupils’ social skills in this highly competitive society.”
Ian Hunt, Deputy Head, Wellingborough School

"In today's competitive job market students need to present themselves as well as they possibly can.  The interview is their opportunity to impress."
The Independent 02/03/06



An independent opinion on the value of strong social skills:
“We exist in an increasingly selfish and discourteous society. Developing an awareness of the needs of others and, on occasions, putting those needs before your own is an important part of growing up. Individuals who can do this are better able to deal with the challenges of modern life with confidence. Whether students aspire to university or immediately embarking on their career, the self assurance that comes with strong social skills allows the student to stand out from the crowd and quickly build effective and appropriate collegiate and professional relationships.”
Leeds University